Exhibition Ready

Exhibition season is here people.  You’ve signed up, paid the money for a space – now what?

This massive opportunity to showcase your business in front of a new audience needs planning and smart thinking to create a real ROI for your business with the resources you have available.

Create the look, feel and follow up to convert the audience to leads and customers.

Our ER workshop will walk you through the planning, tools and tricks to ensure you get the ROI your business deserves.

By the end of the workshop, you will have

  • Set goals for your exhibition outcomes
  • Designed key messages for target segments
  • Identified lead generation, capture & follow up strategies
  • Created a to do and next steps checklist

Alpha test – #TiEDubai

Winning in the market place takes a lot more than having a product.  Come test your skills and decision making – can you be Alpha in the market?

Movenpick – Stuttgart Business Academy

Not only did we get to escape the heat of a Dubai summer – we got to work with these awesome people from across Europe.

Plenty of Innovation with FOUR new concepts presented to business leaders. This is how we change the game in business.


We love it when friends come to town!

We were honored this week to hosted Winnie Rode – Travelling Master of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Buddhist Yogi and Meditation Teacher.

In the serene gardens of Zabeel Ladies Club under a full moon we witnessed a rare and special opportunity.

Singing bowl concert v.2 May 2016


Pictures of the evening to follow … Lets just say … it was magical

Promoting Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

womenable header


We are delighted to announce grow.ME in association with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

will be launching our 2016 initiative ‘Promoting women entrepreneurs in the UAE’,   proudly supported by JP Morgan.

Our strategic partner Dubai Business Women Council, will once again be supporting us to ensure we  power women in business across the region.

The initiative is open to all women in the UAE .

If you have a

  1. Business idea and want to start
  2. Newly launched start-up and need support
  3. Business that needs to grow

this is the program for you.

Registration opens on March 1st, and our first session is scheduled for March 19th.

For more information go to www.women-able.com

CBF logo     Dubai Business Women Council

We are speaking at the BBG

We will be speaking at the British Business Group on the topic of ‘The business case for Diversity”. Great strides have been made in the UAE throughout the last 5 years. The inauguration of the UAE Gender Balance Council highlights how far the UAE govt sector has come, and what is yet to be done for the UAE to be at the forefront both regionally and internationally for this social development goal.

Join us at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort on Tuesday 9th Feb for breakfast and conversation for what this means for international businesses operating in the region.

For more information


We were delighted to participate in the Power women of Arabia Debate

We were honored to be invited to participate in the Power Women of Arabia Debate, this month.

Part of our focus for 2016, as strategic development partner for DBWC, is to create the opportunity for more women to step up, step forward and empower themselves to become board members and leaders at Executive level.  As the speakers said, the opportunity is there, but we must claim it.

<a href="http://www.grow-me le viagra ordonnance.biz/breakthrough/”>BREAKTHROUGH will be launched in Jan 2016.

Congratulations FooTup

Winner – 2015 Global innovation award for Retail


Well done Isabelle Millasseau

Ro’Ya 2014 Alumni – we are proud of you.