Exhibition Ready

Exhibition season is here people.  You’ve signed up, paid the money for a space – now what?

This massive opportunity to showcase your business in front of a new audience needs planning and smart thinking to create a real ROI for your business with the resources you have available.

Create the look, feel and follow up to convert the audience to leads and customers.

Our ER workshop will walk you through the planning, tools and tricks to ensure you get the ROI your business deserves.

By the end of the workshop, you will have

  • Set goals for your exhibition outcomes
  • Designed key messages for target segments
  • Identified lead generation, capture & follow up strategies
  • Created a to do and next steps checklist

Alpha test – #TiEDubai

Winning in the market place takes a lot more than having a product.  Come test your skills and decision making – can you be Alpha in the market?

Another happy customer

Version 2

May 2016: More than 70 leaders from the Mövenpick hotels in the Middle East came together at Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments Bur Dubai for the Mövenpick Business Academy. This Learning & Development event consisted of five workshops aiming to strengthen the development of leadership and commercial competence.

“The corridors at the Mövenpick Business Academy are still buzzing with excitement from those that attended the Business Strategy and Innovation programmes – Stay ahead in a changing world –  Thank you Mercuri and GrowMe” Peter Mitchell, VP Talent & Organisational Development