Start up to Success

grow.ME was honored to be selected to work with the 2014  finalists of the Dubai Woman’s Council Ro’Ya entrepreneur competition.

Using our new Celemi Enterprise business simulation, we gave the finalists the opportunity to run a business and experience what it takes to stay in business.
Feedback for the day …. excellent insight and valuable learning for the journey ahead.

Congratulations to all the ladies, and we wish you great success with your new business ventures.

Starting a business is one thing, staying in business is an entirely different matter.

Challenge 1.
Do I find customers for my product or products for my customers?
Challenge 2.
Where do I spend and how much?
People Products or Processes.
Challenge 3.
How do I ensure we win the customers business and make a profit?
grow.ME is the certified regional learning partner for Celemi.
Need to get your team more focused on your business?

Celemi Enterprise™ is a business simulation, an interactive and engaging learning experience, where several teams compete for the same customers in a dynamic marketplace. Participants must create and execute strategies to win customers, maximize brand value and ensure sustainable profitability.

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