Growing a Business takes more than increasing headcounts and sales targets

A regionally owned business had successfully run for more than 14 years.

From a one-man-show, to a tightly knit small team, and had expanded into an organization of close to 50 people, but with one person making all the decisions.

Identified issues & symptoms

  • The previous 2 years results indicated revenue and profitability had suffered. increased headcount had not led to anticipated top line and bottom line growth
  • Outdated stock
  • Missed customer opportunities
  • Cash Flow not  well managed

What we did

  • Reviewing and optimizing – re-engineering – business processes and align organization, with close involvement of key operational staff
  • Defined clear Leadership and Management Objectives and established leadership team
  • Coaching of leadership team members and functional heads
  • Prepared organization to achieve objectives – KPIs – as set by the board for the current and next fiscal year
  • Introduction of an Operational Handbook – procedures and policies, including sales and fulfillment
  • Sales processes and organizational structure were specifically in focus
  • Advised on hiring process to strengthen key functions


  • instrumental for the success of all other measures was the transformation of the leadership culture
  • Processes were reviewed, and adjusted to  reflect current business reality, with a flexibility to adjust to changing economic conditions
  • Organisational structure aligned with the revised core processes
  • Wider delegation of authority across all levels of the organisation
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement increased significantly
  • Employee Absenteeism reduced significantly
  • Finance department was drastically optimized, project investments were recovered before project completion
  • In 2020, despite the corona impact in the economy, the business continues to thrive.

Organisational Learnings

  • People are key to success – Leadership empowering People contributes to successful Business
  • Leadership regularly listening, and an open dialogue, with all staff, creates a sense of belonging
  • Organisational structure follows processes
  • Processes are critical for customer centricity
  • Putting the customers into the center of all activities leads to sustainable success

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