Navigating in stormy seas – re-finding your North Star

A global CEO recognized the deep impact of the political and economic turmoil of the past 10 years on his people. The global leadership team had set out to establish a company-wide  initiative to strengthen spirit and energy of all staff.

Identified issues & symptoms

  • Market conditions lead to increasing pressure on staff and leadership
  • Shareholder expectations were not lowered, and were becoming more difficult to meet

What we did

  • Working with the top 2 leadership tiers across MENA in parallel with the global initiative
  • A journey of assisted self-discovery reconnecting all leadership to their own, very personal purpose statement
  • Rekindling the individual purpose and connecting to organizational purpose, created clarity for a role purpose


  • Inspired – inner flame rekindled
  • Calmer – increased resilience towards stress factors
  • Clarity of “my why”
  • Shared understanding that “we are in this together” led to increased collaboration
  • Financial targets were met under the toughest of all conditions

Organisational Learning

  • Taking time away from business to connect puts the human back into business
  • Clarity on why people joined the company and come to work every day gives new energy
  • Sharing moments of vulnerability builds trust
  • Companies with a purpose beyond profit tend to make more money

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